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Child of Light

Child of Light – An Elegant Fairy Tale

Announced in 2013, Ubisoft's Child of Light seemed to be a rare, for the time, example of a Western RPG inspired by Japanese classics. Its style was influenced by both Studio Ghibli movies and the work of Yoshitaka Amano; its mechanics - by games lik...

Swords and Sandals Immortals

Swords and Sandals Immortals – Overview

What's the game exactly? Imagine turn-based Mortal Kombat. Throw in alien robots, undead barbarians, electric guitars and giant Glamourzons. Add a rocking 1980's synth soundtrack and you've got Swords and Sandals Immortals!

Fun Hobbies

Fun Hobbies That Can be Enjoyed From the Comfort of Your Own Home

When you have a hectic schedule that sees you either at the office or out and about most of the time, seeing to your various responsibilities, it can be tough to find a hobby that you can escape to at a moment’s notice. Many hobbies require you to ei...

Twitch Channel

Everything is ready for a Saturday night Live Stream

If you are among those who have nothing special to do on Saturday night, you can join my Livestream scheduled for tonight around 10:30 / 11:00pm CET (it depends at what time my little ones fall asleep)

Songs of Conquests

Songs of Conquest – Preview

Songs of Conquest by Lavapotion is a Heroes of Might and Magic-style turn-based strategy, featuring modern pixel art and a refined tactical system.

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Top 10 Turn-Based Roguelites 2022

Roguelite Party – 10 Indie Turn-Based Roguelite Games to play right now – Part 1

Nowadays it's very hard to find free times to do something; work, family various duties takes all our time and maybe the idea of surfing a 40/80 hours RPG it's ...


15 Open World Tactical RPGs you must play in 2022

An open world, it's what I'm always looking for inside the games I play. A Sandbox experience or the possibility of going around taking on quests without a pre-...

Tactic Legends

Indie Showcase – Keep an Eye On It 45 – RPGs, Roguelite, Roguelikes and Strategies – 2022

There's nothing like a good board game, and digital adaptations make our favorite tabletop experiences more accessible than ever. In this edition of Keep An Ey...

Free To Play Roguelikes

3 free roguelikes for your free time!

Hello! In an attempt to write something other than reviews, I thought it'd fun to make a list of free games to try during your free time. These three are roguel...

Upcoming turn-based games

On The Radar – RPG & Strategy Games, May 2022

Now, before we get to our list of the best RPG and strategy games that will be released this May, I'd like to talk about one very specific game.