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Doomdark’s Revenge

Mike Singleton released Doomdark’s Revenge in 1986, as the first sequel to Lords of Midnight. A second title in the unfortunately short-lived series, it plays very similarly to the other games in its ...



When the team led by Brian Fargo at Interplay finished the original The Bard’s Tale trilogy, they followed up on that success with another smash hit. Designed, among others, by Alan Pavlish and Ken St...

The Eternal Dagger

The player’s task is to find the titular Eternal Dagger – the only item which will stop the demonic invasion. But, compared to the original, the follow-up introduces a way more detailed combat system....

Defender of the Crown

The player’s first objective is to conquer as many regions of England as possible. The game’s played in turns, and the main thing to do here is to defeat other lords’ armies.



The player controls a team of six mercenaries, with only 100 minutes of real time at their disposal. Their mission? Defeat the evil General Zoff and rescue Ambassador Kryxix. Not the strongest of narr...

The Bard's Tale

The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is among the most classic first-person RPG experiences. The Wizardry series was also an obvious inspiration.



Archon may seem like some complicated chess variant. Yet it offers an interesting spin on that classic kind of turn-based gameplay. The two opponents – appropriately named “light” and “dark” – actuall...