armies and castles

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games

Join the Voyage across the Chaotic Realms of in search of Great Turn-Based Strategies, with Armies And Castles

armies and castles

Chaos often goes hand in hand with genius, and nowhere is this truth as apparent as in the indie game dev scene. For years now, the main abode of this community of artists and madmen was Here the works of supreme quality and inspiration stand right next to strange half-broken experiments, abandoned and unknown.

Remnants of the Precursors

Conquer the Cosmic Reaches in Master of Orion’s new remake – Remnants of the Precursors – Review

armies and castles

The skies are dark, yet full of lights. A thousand silver drops, piercing the black veil. Each is a mystery, a world on its own. Most are dead and cold - frozen landscapes of lifeless lands. Others are but ghosts, shadowy silhouettes of cosmic dust, unfit for any habitation. Yet, they have their uses too.


Karawan – Review

armies and castles

You watch as your world slowly retreats into the darkness. The trees, the mountains, the villages. You think of all those who followed you to the end and those you've abandoned. Of all the hardship and all the greatness destiny has bestowed upon you. Now, there's nothing left of it - just the stars and the cold. You close your eyes. You return, in your last dreams, to the times when the road lay straight and clear before you. Seems like it was so long ago - yet you can almost see it clearly now. You can see yourself, standing proudly with your arm pointing forward, at the head of your caravan.

Best Games of 2021

Top 5 Greatest Turn-Based Games of the Year 2021, according to armies and castles

armies and castles

Introduction It seems I’ve wandered too long in the dungeons this time! Cursed be that water trap that ruined my ...

Turn-Based Roguelikes

The Great List of Roguelikes. Part One

armies and castles

“Programming is one of the rare disciplines in which you can create something from absolutely nothing. You can create whole ...

The Classical and modern roguelikes

The Classical and The Modern Roguelikes

armies and castles

There's been a lot of discussions, lately, as to the precise definition of the term Roguelike. The often-asked question is whether the modern games bear any resemblance to the original classics. There were, of course, many attempts to nail down the exact features of the genre. Procedural generation, grid-based movement and turn-based combat are often at the top of such lists.