Agent Roswell Tactics

Agent Roswell: Tactics

In 1969, the Bureau of Alien Investigation and Termination (BAIT), led by Agent Roswell, encountered, and defeated the Martian invasion and forced their disabled Mothership back across the depths of space. But now, in the early 2000s a realization comes to BAIT.. they never left. Agent Roswell, now head of the Bureau and commander of the new Military division – Alpha Squad must once again deal with those who try to destroy our peace on Earth.

Key features

Tactical turn based game against AI.
15 Missions, with Day / Night and Weather.
Each mission has its own objective and severity, such as sweep and clear or search and retrieve.
Grid based board system.
Board piece positions procedurally generated.
Fog of War with Line of Sight – sneak up on enemies before they are Alerted.
Fight against Aliens & their machines, Terrorists (SETA – Supporters of Extra Terrestrial Arrivals), Hybrids.
Breach doors with explosives, or shoot out glass to create a path to your targets.
Destroy explosive storage to deal damage to nearby enemies, and avoid their traps.
Shoot array of weapons (each with its own firing pattern), and throw grenades.
Melee nearby enemies to conserve ammo. Crouch to increase cover.
Action and Kill cam for closeup shots or what’s happening.
Mission replay ability – different experience every time, earn in game currency.
Upgrade your Squad – Recruit new Soldiers, Gain Rank by completing missions, Gain Mission Orders, Purchase new equipment and ammo.
Upgrade your Soldiers – Stats can be increased with purchases.
Upgrade your Equipment – New weapons, and weapon abilities can be upgraded with purchases.
Load and Save your progress in between mission campaigns.
Free/Orbit and Tracking Camera.
Graphics settings and control options.
16Γ—9 and 21Γ—9 Aspect Ratio Support.

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