Baby Goat Billy

Baby Goat Billy

Baby Goat Billy is a story-driven quest to save your baby brother. You will have turn-based encounters with unique enemies and once you defeat them you will be able to add new cards to your deck. You can experiment with different deck builds and find the optimal way of completing the dungeon. As you progress, you will reveal more information about this ancient world and about what happened to your brother.

Unravel the Mystery: Explore the beautiful fantasy world of goat mythology, speak with different characters, collect legendary relics, complete side quests and challenges. Acquire powerful skills which will aid you in the mysterious dungeons.

Dynamic Deck Building: Pick your strategy wisely, discover unique cards to add to your deck with each attempt at completing a dungeon. Choose cards that work well together to defeat your foes and receive epic rewards.

Summon powerful totems: These tribal totems can greatly enhance your deck by interacting with your cards and actions.

Overcome puzzles and challenges: Movement obstacles will test your reflexes and provide an additional fun mechanic to the dungeon runs.

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