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Top 20 Tactics RPGs on Switch

Best 20 Tactics RPGs on Switch reviewed by us— so far

Hello everyone, we decided to have a virtual celebration with the recent release of the new Switch OLED. To that end, I have prepared this list of the Best Tactics RPGs available on Nintendo Switch wh...

Black Legend RPG

Black Legend – Review

Black Legend, by Warcave, is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a 17th century city reminiscent of those in the Low Countries of Northwestern Europe. A mysterious, since vanished character, known as Mep...

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Upcoming PS5 Turn based RPGs & Strategy Games 2021

PS5 Turn-Based RPGs Strategy Games 2021-2022

Hi everyone, in Italy and around the world finding a Sony PS5 it’s not so simple, but let’s say that you are one of the lucky owners of a Sony new generation console, and let’s say t...

Black Legend RPG

Black Legend – Demo Available

Guys, if you didn’t have the opportunity during the Steam Festival to try out Black Legend, the promising turn-based tactical RPG developed by Warcave, now you can, because the demo is available...

Black Legends

Black Legend – Announcement Trailer

The City of Grant hides many secrets, even without the cover of a madness-inducing fog. Seek them out, and you might just uncover the story of the mad alchemist Mephisto, and learn how to end his lega...

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