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Black Powder Red Earth

Black Powder Red Earth – Review

In the failed state of Aiwbari in the middle-east, the government has collapsed and a force of Private Military Contractors (PMCs) under Crisis Troop Ember is there to keep the peace and to enforce th...

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Best of the week

Best of the Week 27-2 January/February

Welcome to “the Best of the last week” As usual, here is where we report all the most relevant news of the last week from the world of turn-based games. The month of January has now passed...

Upcoming turn-based games

On the Radar – December 2019

December should be a month full of surprises and gifts, but this year, at least at a first sight, Santa Claus seems to be a bit stingy! Yes, we all know that, during the next month, it will be finally...

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