In a medieval fantasy world, you will play as Frey Modnos, a young recruit of the royal guard, and will have to free the continent of Athara from the threat that hangs over it. In a world with plenty of stories, creatures, and ancient magical ruins forsaken by time, investigate corruption within the guard and attempt to stop Antus and his evil forces.


Build your reputation with the people of Athara, maintain your gear, enchant it, and recruit companions to fight alongside you.

Refine your talents in various masteries (fishing, lock picking, herbalism, pickpocketing…) and develop your combat skills in a turn-based strategy.

About Cahertis Devs

RedPhial Games is an independent video game development studio based in France. Created in 2019, it receives precious help from his relatives for the development, the graphics and the test phases.

Passionate about video games and board games of all kinds, RedPhial Games works first with its player experience in order to guarantee satisfying games up to expectations.

The phial logo refer to the studio’s first game in which a red liquid is called Cahertis.


Cahertis release date & platforms

Cahertis is a PC game released on August 17, 2022

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