The game is set in the world of Latein, where, unbeknownst to the public, an artifact formerly known as the Crimson Gem is being sought. One of the parties caught up in the whirlwind is Killian von Rohcoff, a recent graduate of the Green Hill Chevalier Academy, the game’s protagonist. The game is a sequel in story to Astonishia Story, but since much of the game’s mechanics were changed, the title in all regions was also changed.

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Crimson Gem Saga

Crimson Gem Saga / Astonishia Story 2 (어스토니시아 스토리2)/ ガーネット クロニクル 紅輝の魔石 – Review

HISTORY: A sequel to Astonisha Story that was developed by the Korean company IRONNOS who developed the first Astonishia Story. This game is called a different name in Korea, Japan, and the US so I wi...

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