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Interview with Goblinz

Top 20 Indie Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games of 2021 According to TBL

Here’s a recap of the TOP 20 indie turn-based RPGs & Strategy games released during 2021, which we’ve reviewed in the past. Some developers were lucky enough to find publishers at some...


TBL Top 10 (2021 Q1)

2021 started with a nice quantity of turn-based games with quality to enjoy. The pandemic situation still alive, but it seems that the situation is better after some months; however, for the extra tim...

Gem Wizards Tactics

10 Turns Interview with Gem Wizards Tactics Developer

The Azure Order, The Potatoes, and The Business Demons are the cast of Gem Wizards Tactics. A solid and colorful turn-based strategy game released on 16th of February 2021 on Steam. We played and cove...

Tactics RPG PC

Gem Wizards Tactics – Overview

The Gem Wizards Tactics world is strongly influenced by the presence of seven magical Gems. These Gems each have their own powers, and there are seven major world factions that are based on each gem. ...

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