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Keep an Eye on It: 5 Turn-Based Tactical RPGs #2

Ciao everyone, welcome to the second episode of the Keep an Eye on It column. As in the first episode, I will collect 5 more upcoming games and show them to you with a brief description and links to t...

Inkulinati – Gameplay

Inkulinati by Yaza Games. One of the most original turn-based games out there. We will use the ink to create our army of animals and we need to think strategically in order to defeat the opponents. Le...

Inkulinati turn-based stategy

10 Turns Interview with Inkulinati developer

Duels with ink strokes and Illuminati animals that in addition to attacking may also decide to mock the opponent in various ways. If you think you have never seen anything like it, we confirm that it ...

Inkulinati turn-based stategy

Inkulinati – Overview

Inkulinati is a promising turn-based strategy game about illuminated animal battles full of eccentric humour. Gameplay In Inkulinati you take on the role of a medieval illuminator, who uses the Living...

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