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Iratus: Lord of the Dead – Review

If you’ve been looking for something that does the unthinkable by taking inspiration from titles like FTL and Darkest Dungeon while offering a comparable, if not superior experience, Iratus: Lor...

8 Great
Iratus Lord of the dead

Iratus: Lord of the Dead out now on Steam

Be The Bad Guy! Dark Roguelike RPG Iratus: Lord of the Dead Out Now on Steam Early AccessDominate your enemies and raise an army from their corpses in this challenging new game from Daedalic Entertain...

Darkest Dungeon Similar Games

Games like Darkest Dungeon *Updated on 10/11/2019

List updated to 10/11/2019 Are you looking for games like Darkest Dungeon? When you type on your search engine “games like Darkest Dungeon” or “Darkest Dungeon similar games” y...

Iratus Lord of the dead

Iratus Lord of the Dead – Announcement

A new game bubbles in the pot for UNFROZEN developers. This is a Turn-based RPG inspired by DARKEST DUNGEON. The game is almost completed but from May 2 will start a Kickstart campaign to try to reach...

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