Two adventurers, two paths. As darkness rises, two young adventurers went on a journey to save their village.

In order to save their village, Selena and Shirley went on a journey. Between the power of light and darkness, they must make a choice.

Play as two sisters with different personalities and skillsets. Different endings are obtainable based on player’s decision during the adventure!

Key Features

  • A world with a strong focus on environmental storytelling. Exploration will be rewarded with additional storylines, new equipment and skills.​
  • Soul Corruption System: A world that reacts to player decisions. Certain in-game choices have game altering effects.​ NPC and enemies will react to players differently!
  • Customize your playstyle and party roles by mixing different skills and equipment that you’ve found. Be a tank, physical/magical/DoT DPS, melee mage or support.
  • Challenging Skill-focused turn-based combat. Each boss battle has unique mechanics, use the right skill on the right time to win!
  • Cute girls!​


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