Knights Of Ages
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Knights of Ages

Knights of Ages is a mobile turn-based tactic RPG with exciting battles, a grand worldview, attractive stories, challenging missions, various gameplay, and a unique artstyle.

In the game, the player will found a strong mercenary group, fight around the continent and conquer castles. Meanwhile, the player has to manipulate among different powers, align with them through marriages, raise offspring, and inherit your family bloodline for ages!

In-Game Background Story

As time goes by, the original vows are forgotten by the rulers, and the continent is sunk in war fire again. During the chaos, seize the chance to be a tyrant of the continent, or loyal to the knight’s norm, save the innocent, my lord, what is your choice?

Key features

  • Exciting turn-based battles.
  • Grand worldview including a huge map, many kingdoms, various cultures and etc.
  • Attractive mainline story as well as challenging sub-missions.
  • Bloodline inheritance that as heroes will retire and die, you have to raise and train offspring through marriages and schools.
  • Castle building and resources management.
  • Hero natural traits, profession selection and attribute improvement.

About the Developer

Seaease Games is a mobile game developer and publisher from Xian City, China. They are founded in 2020. Presently they are publishing Knights Of Ages worldwide.

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