Merc Tactics

Merc Tactics is a top-down tactical turn-based RPG in which you engage in epic tactical shootouts. It is similar to other squad-based games such as Jagged Alliance and X-COM.

Merc Tactics

Merc Tactics Lore/Gameplay

The game takes place in a region where civil war has left the country in chaos. The Khondo, a vicious band of looting militia have taken control of the country. You lead a small squad of mercenaries, who have vowed to restore order and rid the country of the Khondo.

You need to carefully plot your way through the region, recruiting mercenaries, upgrading your skills, procuring armour and weapons and forming alliances with friendly militia. Each location in the campaign map hosts hostile militia, which you must fight in turn-based squad combat. 

Merc Tactics Character

When your squad is strong enough you can confront the ringleader militia forces, but it will not be easy – you will need help from your allies.

Nearly everything in the game is randomly generated, including the campaign map, enemy and resource locations. Scene layout and buildings are procedurally generated, leading to a vast variety of different scenes which your squad has to fight through.

About the Developer

Astronautz is an independent game developer dedicated to turn-based strategy games. Merc Tactics is its first project.

Merc Tactics Release date & Platforms

Merc Tactics is a Pc game released in July, 2022 through Itch.io

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