Note of the Outskirts

Note of the outskirts

Close future. Rumors say megacorps are getting mad over a possible treasure. Bandits, mercenaries and opportunistic merchants are showing up, and of course you’re too. Whatever it is, you’re determined to find it and sell it to whoever will propose the best price. That’s where the adventure begins.


The game is a classic first-person party-based dungeon crawler with round-based combat similar to what’s in The Bard’s Tale and similar Interplay games , with an emphasis put on openness, direct interactions with the dungeons and multiple ways to progress and reach secrets. Emphasis is also put on resource management, it’s a sci-fi game so there’s no spells and everything is consumable, main weapons are guns so ammunition is a thing and bandages, fire extinguishers and other boots which allow to jump above a hole all have limited use.

Based on feedback the game is hard and if any parts were worth any praise then it’d be the detailed character system and especially the dungeon design (layout, traps, riddles, puzzles and especially all the ways to interact with traps and puzzles via items, plenty of items unlocking different ways to progress such as boots to dash through teleporters and force fields or a gun which allows to freeze a part of a lake so you can go further without needing to swim for too long or another one which allows to melt ice so you will be able to turn around in a water tile instead of sliding forward).

Key features

  • One big handcrafted open dungeon : with a secret in (almost) every corner and multiple paths to the end
  • Sandbox approach and interactive environment : solve riddles or use dynamite, swim or freeze water, melt ice, cut trees
  • Party creation: bring up to 7 characters to life with 6 main attributes and dozens of skills and feats
  • Classic round-based combat : weapons have different modes, and some can also be used out of combat
  • Resource management : buy grenades, bandages and shield creation nanobots before travelling forth
  • More than 10 hours of gameplay
  • No story : you’ll have to make it yourself
  • An automap : but don’t use it
  • Mod support.

About the Developer

CryptRat is a solo 36 years old indie dev. A late 80’s, early 90’s RPG (of any kind) enthusiast, this is his first full length game but hopefully not the last. He intends to make more similar games reusing the same engine, the scope seems reasonable, allowing complex gameplay with a minimalist presentation.

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