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Top 20 Tactics RPGs on Switch

Best 20 Tactics RPGs on Switch reviewed by us— so far

Hello everyone, we decided to have a virtual celebration with the recent release of the new Switch OLED. To that end, I have prepared this list of the Best Tactics RPGs available on Nintendo Switch wh...

Othercide – Review

Unusual lore, tricky tactical battles, and ‘meta-level’ gameplay that revolves around sacrifice and replay to get stronger. But it’s the image of unyielding Daughters standing against hordes of nightm...

7.5 Good

Othercide – First 40 minutes Gameplay

Finally, I can show you Othercide, developed by Lightbulb Crew and produced by Focus Home Interactive. A turn-based tactical RPG where you will fail a lot of time but each time you will come back stro...


Othercide: Dive deep on systems and combat in episode two of the webseries – Fighting Shadows

Othercide debuts on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in just a few short weeks on July 28th, and later this summer on Nintendo Switch. As Humanity’s last hope, lead your army of Daughters to comba...


Othercide – Will come this Summer

The Horror theme turn-based strategy game from Lightbulb Crew will come this Summer on Pc, Ps4 and Xbox One. To learn more about the game check out our interview with Alexandre Chaudret (Art Director ...


Othercide wants you!

“A long road out of hell” There is good news for the fans of Otherchide, the dark/horror turn-based strategy game from Lightbulb Crew. It seems that the game is now in a stage where it nee...


The Spirit Shooter: The Soulslinger’s Class in Othercide

Learn more about the Ranged class of the upcoming horror turn-based tactical game.


The Razor’s Edge: The Blademaster’s Class in Othercide – Othercide

Learn more about the Blademaster’s class of the upcoming horror turn-based tactical game by Lightbulb Crew.

A Coffee Break with: Alexandre Chaudret, Othercide

Turn-based tacticals connoisseurs know that: a good tactical is hard to find. The perfect recipe is difficult to nail down, a fragile balance of challenging encounters, team management and exciting na...

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