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Songs of Conquests

Songs of Conquest – Preview

Songs of Conquest by Lavapotion is a Heroes of Might and Magic-style turn-based strategy, featuring modern pixel art and a refined tactical system.

Songs of Conquest

Pixelated strategy Songs Of Conquest is almost ready to be released in early access

For those who still don't know, Songs of Conquest is a strategy game inspired by games like Heroes of Might and Magic where players must build an empire, send their heroes on explorations around the m...

Songs of Conquests

Songs of Conquest soon in Early Access

The HOMM-like Songs of Conquest by Lavapotion is almost ready to hit Steam in Early Access. The development started in 2017 and finally, it’s time to release the game during early Q2 2022. ̶...

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5 Upcoming Games inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic during 2022

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Top 10 Promising RPGs & Strategy Games | KAEOI30

Turn-Based games are not dead, not at all. A genre that saw its maximum splendor during the 80s and 90s when AAA devs decided to exploit these mechanics inside their games. Just think about the glorio...

Keep An Eye On It 22

10 Promising RPGs & Strategy | KAEOI#22

Ciao a tutti. Finally another episode of KEEP AN EYE ON IT after 2 weeks of hiatus. I didn’t actually stop, I worked in the shadows to bring you not 5 but 10 promising turn-based games. In fact,...

5 Upcoming Indie RPGs

Keep an Eye on It: 5 indie turn-based RPGs under development. #Ep5

Hi everyone. Last week, due to work problems, I was unable to prepare the article, which has been postponed directly to today. A few days till Christmas 2020, here are the 5 indie turn-based tactics g...