Supernova Tactics is an Auto-Battler/Roguelite hybrid, similar to games like The Dungeon Beneath, Despot’s Game, Tavern of Gods, Astronarch, to name a few. Supernova Tactics plays similarly to Teamfight Tactics, with the catch that you have a General in play who must survive each round, or the game comes to an end. There are 3 difficulties and two different game modes, with more free content to be added in the future.

Supernova Tactics

Each playthrough is sort of like two game modes in one, initially you are trying to upgrade a randomly assigned set of units to win the game. Kind of like Pokemon, you have to collect them all! However, even after winning the match, you can continue your playthrough to try and achieve a highscore (Highest round achieved).

The enemy continues to scale in difficulty so the round will inevitably come to an end. There are Steam leaderboards for the fastest win, and highest round achieved…for each difficulty and game mode.

Supernova Tactics release date & platforms

Supernova tactics is a PC game set to be released on August 1st, 2022 via Steam.