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Top 20 Tactics RPGs on Switch

Best 20 Tactics RPGs on Switch reviewed by us— so far

Hello everyone, we decided to have a virtual celebration with the recent release of the new Switch OLED. To that end, I have prepared this list of the Best Tactics RPGs available on Nintendo Switch wh...

Tears of Avia Header


From the British study, CooCooSqueaky Games comes Tears of Avia, an interesting turn-based tactical RPG. You are the seeker, the chosen to search for the Tears, and you have the mission to collect the...

7.5 Good
Tears of Avia

Tears of Avia – Introducing the Cast

Introducing the cast of turn-based strategy RPG Tears of Avia! Rain of Arrows, Meteors, or FISTS?! We all have our personal favourites when it comes to classes in RPGs and today, PQube and d...

Tears of Avia

Tears of Avia – Will arrive in Summer 2020

Today, PQube and developer CooCooSqueaky are excited to release Tears of Avia this summer! The turn-based strategy RPG will release for PC on Steam&nb...