Embody a fragment of the mythical Europa and travel through history from the ancient times to the renaissance, through the realm of thoughts and emotions, where spirits fight for supremacy over human consciousness. Experience a humanistic metaphor of historical events as we know them, possess over a hundred characters, drive their actions & witness their consequences in pivotal events of Europe’s past.


The game spans between two realms, the spirit realm and the material one. The player is free to transit between these two plains of existence by the simple click of a button. There are dozens of characters that the player can posses and control ( provided he has the needed influence! ) to use in his endeavours.

Throughout the game, you will encounter “evil spirits” which you will have to fight using a turn-based system ( similar to Disciples II, combat wise ) using the over 50 combat units provided to him.

Key features

  • Free;
  • Historically accurate educational content;
  • Two realms: the spirit realm and the material one;
  • Possession system, allowing you to take control of any NPC;
  • Economy and building system used to upgrade and recruit units;
  • Disciples II-inspired, tactical, turn-based combat;
  • A deeply philosophical, fictional story-line involving gods, virtues, vices, concepts and thoughts, manifested as spirits;
  • Over 15 hours of gameplay;
  • 58 combat units with over 50 unique abilities;
  • Over 130 NPCs to interact with, from ancient Greece to the 12th century European Renaissance.
  • 13 unique maps offering over 20 quests
  • Possess & explore the world with over 130 characters, from mere commoners to great figures of European history.


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