Trinity Archetype is a turn-based RPG where you make use of the Inspire mechanic each party member has in order to change the flow of the battle and get the upper hand versus your enemies.

In-Game Background Story

As the three warriors blessed by the divine Archetypes, it is your duty to keep the ancient beings vanished to another dimension from spreading their corruption into your broken world.

Battle out the corruption and evolve beyond your limits in this turn-based RPG.

Are you up for the challenge?


Turn-based, transparent gameplay so players can focus on strategy. There are no hidden percentages and (almost!) everything is shown in a battle.

Key Features

  • Unique β€œInspire” Mechanic: Once per turn, a party member can inspire their allies in order to activate new interesting effects that can give you the upper-hand.
  • Boost it up!: Improve your skills during battle by spending Boost Points! Each skills have different extra effects depending on your boost level.


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