Vulgord's Tower

Vulgord’s Tower

Wield Your Power in Vulgord’s Tower!

Welcome to Vulgord’s Tower! A fantasy adventure game of whimsy, woe, and wizardry! Your mission is simple. Storm the tower and defeat Vulgord (a wizard-turned-dragon by an unrelenting madness and an insatiable urge for power).

You will travel through four elemental realms rife with cruel beasts and bizarre encounters in pursuit of the tower keys. Punish your enemies with the help of the wizard’s spell. Amass an army, gain renown, and ride to victory. Your outcome is one of triumph or certain death!

Vulgord’s Tower Gameplay

Vulgord’s Tower plays like a traditional board game fused with card-based RPG battle mechanics. The goal is to be the first to storm the tower to defeat Vulgord. To do this, you must survive through all four realms, acquire skills, and amass an army large enough to defeat Vulgord.

Fight to survive! The spoils of battle come in the form of gold, warriors, and keys. All of which are integral to your quest:

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