A solo indie dev is on the work on Wardens. A Turn-Based Tactical board game with card mechanics. With a lovely graphic style, the game offers online and hotseat game mode. Wardens is actually available in Early Access on steam and dev is constantly working on it adding new features and abilities. Check out the gameplay trailer and info from their steam page.

A turn-based tactical board game with card battler elements. Contains sandbox elements for you to build your own units, craft your own abilities and set your own game rules with a fully integrated editor. It takes inspiration from card battler games such as Hearthstone and tries to lean on less RNG and more on skill and community-driven content.

Game modes

Online: Play online against other players, either in public or private matches.
Hotseat: Play local matches against another player. Supports Steam Remote Play!
Practice: Play local matches against the AI.

What can be created?

You can create units and customize their name, movement patterns, portrait, power level and abilities. Abilities are created in-game and allows you to create both passive and active abilities. Passive abilities triggers automatically based on its conditions/requirements. Active abilities are triggered by the player and on its own turn. Abilities may trigger status effects on units, referred to as tags in the following section.


Other than the fixed tags listed above, you can create your own effects using free-text for units to give them unique behavior. For example, adding the attributes “Elf” and “Bow” can allow you to target units that are bow weilding elves. Since this is free-text you can extend the game with your own personal touch or faction specific flavor to your units.

Win conditions

You can create custom win conditions, currently following a chess style format, such as:

Capture the king: Take out the opponent king to win.
Four Pawns To Victory: Take out 4 or more opponent pawns to win.
Rush: Get your opponent down to 10 units or less to win.