From the producer of the original Fallout comes Wasteland 2. With over 80 hours of gameplay, deck out your Ranger squad with devastating weaponry, test the limits of your strategy skills, and bring justice to the Wasteland! The choices are yours…but so are the consequences

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Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Available on Xbox Pass

Turn-based Games Available on Xbox Game Pass 2021

These days there are so many ways for gamers to experience the games they love. Whether through the old-school method of going down to their local games store or buying it directly from a digital stor...

Wasteland 2 Review

Wasteland 2: Brawn, Brain and Brown in the US of A. – Review

It’s only when you’re a dozen or so hours into Wasteland 2 that to you’ll realise just how brown it is. And how American post-holocaust architecture is so rectangular. And how several individuals belo...

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