World of Paranoia is a turn-based strategy game where the player controls a supercomputer in charge of controlling a futuristic Utopia. Build the perfect Utopia or become aware of your own existence to win the game, but beware, your loyal citizens may lose their happiness, dream of freedom, or form secret societies to destroy you. In this paranoid world you must punish traitors.

World of Paranoia is a Windows game by Lagartija Software released in September 2021 on Steam and platforms.

About World of Paranoia

WORLD OF PARANOIA is a dystopian world that offers you the power to play the role of a supercomputer in the not too distant future.

BUILD YOUR UTOPIA- As the game progresses, you can build new facilities in your futuristic complex. Make your complex bigger and bigger, and above all, more efficient. Your Utopia must be able to satisfy all the needs of your citizens, but more importantly it must satisfy your own needs.

RESEARCH NEW TECHNOLOGIES – Each new technology you research increases your chances of generating more resources, building new facilities, and controlling your citizens. Put your citizens to work as scientists, and create new laboratory robots. There is no future without progress.

CONTROL YOUR CITIZENS – Give them happiness pills, lock them up in isolation chambers, , implant chips in their brains, clone them, or turn them into pure energy… use your imagination but be careful, they may rebel against you.

Beware of TRAITORS! A citizen who is not happy is a traitor. A citizen who yearns for freedom is a traitor, and your complex is full of traitors and criminals!. Search for traitors using snitches, electric eyes or security robots. Create your own spy council from among the citizens you consider loyal. But you must be careful, many of your citizens are hiding a lot of secrets.