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About Before The Dawn

In this apocalyptic medieval world, your survival relies on your ability to lead. With direct control of your followers out of your hands, you will need to build trust in order for them to listen to you. They can refuse orders, retreat in fear, and take what they feel is owed.

Fulfill their needs, overcome challenges and resolve any conflicts that arise within your group and maybe, you might survive another night.

Before The Dawn Key Features

Tactical Challenges
Time passes only when you move – think carefully, predict the moves of enemies and allies, then utilize various weapons to strike back.
Independent Companions
How well you lead, will determine how well your companions will follow you.

Survive The Apocalypse

Battle is just one part of survival. Loot and gather supplies. Manage your groups health, fatigue and hunger. Do what you must to stay alive.

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About the developer

An independent game studio based in Seoul, South Korea founded by three experienced developers who have been working together for 12 years. Our team has since grown to 8 like-minded members whose aim is to explore and expand the possibilities of the game genres that we love. We want to create a rewarding and meaningful gaming experience that reflects our own taste and identity as gamers.

  • Developer: White Pond Games
  • Publisher: White Pond Games
  • Release date: 30 Jan 2020
  • Official website:
  • Platforms: PC - XBOX - PS4 - Ps5

Our review

A great story with memorable characters and plot twists. It offers a challenge and makes you really feel that your choices matter.

A captivating saga of hope and struggles against the overwhelming odds in a bleak world