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Top 10 Indie RPGs Strategies & Roguelites 2022

Ciao a tutti. This edition of Keep An Eye On It is a veritable RPG bonanza, with fantasy quests for every type of gamer. From wholesome fun like A Frog’s Tale to mature stories like Shattered Heaven, there’s sure to be something on this list to pique the interest of the discerning turn-based lover.

If you’d rather put your efforts toward constructing your ideal city, Farlanders and Citizens both offer a turn-based spin on management and building games. Some of these titles are right around the corner, while others won’t be available until next year. Either way, be sure to wishlist the games you want to show the devs that their hard work is being noticed!

A Frog’s Tale

a frog's Tale

Inspired by classics like Paper Mario, A Frog’s Tale is a delightful RPG that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. Norman, a young frog hero, becomes tangled up in the quest for an artifact with the power to restore the dead to life. His journey is full of bright colors, charming characters and peril around every corner.

A Frog’s Tale has platforming and rhythm challenges in addition to its turn-based combat, making it much more than just a series of encounters. It’s not expected to release until 2023, but it should be worth the wait.

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Frail Hearts: Versicorae Domlion

Indie Games 2022

This Lovecraftian RPG from developer Sezhes boasts classic RPG gameplay in a frightening setting. Mostly presented in black-and-white with splashes of color throughout, Frail Hearts tasks the player with guiding a party of investigators to uncover secrets better left unknown in the fictional city of Gris.

The preview images show some seriously creepy monsters, and no doubt the devs are saving their most shocking creations for the actual game. A demo is currently available for download, and the full release is currently planned for Q3 of this year.

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Rayless Blade

Rayless Blade

California-based Kong Studio recently announced their JRPG project Rayless Blade. The game promises multiple classes and builds and Undertale-style battles. From what we’ve seen so far, the game has a stylized pixel-art look with quality animations.

Rayless Blade‘s Kickstarter campaign is set to launch in the next few days, so if it looks like your kind of game you can support it right away.

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If you’ve ever wished Slay The Spire was more anime, Overrogue just might be your answer. This title from Exe Create has all the deck-building roguelite goodness you could ask for with quality sprites and a distinct anime style.

With five dungeons, several hundred cards, and plenty of treasure to collect, Overrogue will keep players coming back for “just one more run.” The game launces on 7 July, but you can try the demo now to see if you like it! You can also get the full version on mobile right now if you have an Android device.

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Forrader Hero

Forrader Hero

Did you know that Diablo was originally planned to be a turn-based game? While that original idea never happened, Forrader Hero could give us a glimpse of how it might have looked. Your hero will march through a dungeon, cleaving their way through hordes of enemies on a quest to save their soul.

Forrader Hero has simple controls that allow you to play with only a mouse or only a keyboard. Quick campaigns make it easy to squeeze in a run when you don’t have much time, or keep trying after a defeat. Forrader Hero is expected to enter early access in the near future, though no date has been announced.

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Shattered Heaven

Shattered Heaven

Leonardo Interactive’s Shattered Heaven definitely doesn’t look like your average deck-building RPG. For starters, its visuals are absolutely dazzling. The game’s hand-drawn fantasy world is going to be an absolute joy to explore, and its procedural dungeons and replay value mean there will potentially be something new to find in every run.

Shattered Heaven looks to have more narrative than the average roguelike, and the soundtrack is suitably epic for the game’s tale of deicide and redemption. Even if you don’t usually try early access games, you might want to make an exception when Shattered Heaven launches on 10 October.

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Farlanders is a turn-based city builder that challenges you to establish a self-sustaining colony on Mars. An expansive tech tree and the ability to terraform the map to suit your needs will give you the tools required to keep your colonists safe and happy.

Competitive puzzlers will be happy to know that Farlander plans to have daily challenges, allowing you to prove your colony-crafting skills to the world. The game’s lovely pixel art will make flourishing colonies a sight to behold! No release date has yet been announced, but there is a demo available for players eager to start their Mars mission.

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Citizens: Far Lands

Strategy Games 2022

We’ve noted Redkar Limited’s puzzly city-builder before, but with the game’s launch almost here, it’s a great time to double-check and make sure Citizens: Far Lands is on your wishlist. Starting on an uninhabited island, each map challenges you to reach a certain level of prosperity within a limited number of moves. It’s tougher than it sounds, especially once barbarians and raiders enter the mix.

With no grid and limited resources, placing your building for maximum efficiency requires careful planning. The demo has several maps available to try, and the full game is expected sometime in July.

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Stolen Crown

Stolen Crown

Stolen Crown blends deckbuilding combat with hex-based tactics. As the exiled prince of an overthrown kingdom, you’ll need to find powerful cards, relics, and companions to reclaim your rightful throne.

Battles are only part of the gameplay, as there are several quests and decision points throughout each run that carry risks and rewards. The early access launch of Stolen Crown is expected very soon, although no exact date has been given. In the meantime, there is a demo available for players to try.

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Vestaria Saga II

Vestaria II RPG

The direct sequel to Vestaria Saga, Vestaria Saga II concludes Zade’s story. While you can certainly play the newest game without having finished the original, they’re meant to be played in sequence for the full experience.

Both games take heavy inspiration from classic Fire Emblem, with all the dangerous life-or-death tactical battles that come with it. If you want to play through the first game before the sequel launches, there’s still time – Vestaria Saga II has a planned release date of 28 July.

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