NEW Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games Released Lately | 26th of June 2023

Written by Marcello TBL

Top New RPG & Strategy Games Releases - June 2023

Here we are with an end-of-June 2023 recap of the latest RPGs, strategy, and turn-based roguelite games recently released on PC. 8 titles that cover various sub-genres and that can definitely provide hours of entertainment.



Kingsblood is an immersive game that seamlessly combines tactical auto battler mechanics with dungeon crawling in a mercenary RPG, all set within a fully-voiced campaign. Players find themselves thrust into a world plagued by a tyrannical monarchy and shrouded in a grimdark ambiance filled with political intrigue and injustice.

Players can unlock a network of allied cities within this medieval fantasy world, enabling trade, accessing new quests, and uncovering tantalizing rumors in local taverns. The game features various characters with diverse special abilities and synergies, allowing players to strategically employ them in battles and manage their motivation levels for optimal performance. Players enter the depths of creepy caves and encounter treacherous traps, formidable enemies, and valuable treasures, daring to challenge even the most formidable foes lurking in the deep.

Preparation is key in combat, as players skillfully position their troops to exploit the enemy’s elemental weaknesses before the auto-simulated battle commences. Synergy effects based on party composition provide a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience. In addition, players can engage in base building, craft weapons, and brew potions to further enhance their capabilities. On Steam

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2

Valthirian Arc 2

I tried it a few days ago, and I must say that Valthrian Arc: Hero School Academy 2 is an exciting mix of exploration, town management, and turn-based combat.

In Hero School Story 2, players lead a hero academy, training students to become the next generation of heroes. Players manage the students’ schedules, courses, and stats with a blend of RPG and Simulation elements. Students embark on quests, engaging in strategic turn-based combat, while the academy’s reputation and roster management are essential. The game offers a development roadmap, promising future updates with new content and features. Now available on Steam

The Zone: Stalker Stories


The Zone: Stalker Stories is a captivating game that seamlessly blends tactical card battles with RPG exploration in a world teeming with monsters and anomalies. Players assume the role of a mutant imbued with telekinetic powers as they navigate a perilous environment, engaging in intense battles against mutants and supernatural creatures while acquiring formidable artifacts.

With its immersive narrative, hand-drawn art, and intricate inventory management system, players can customize their decks, embark on unique side quests, and pursue research for upgrades that amplify their combat prowess and exploration capabilities. Immerse yourself in the beauty and treachery of this expansive world, where survival and strategic decision-making hold the key to triumph.

The Pegasus Expedition

The Pegasus Expedition

In The Pegasus Expedition, players embark on a gripping sci-fi grand strategy journey that unfolds in a pivotal moment for humanity’s survival. Faced with a looming threat on Earth, a daring expedition is sent to the enigmatic Pegasus Galaxy, seeking refuge.

As the leader of one of these fleets, players must navigate a treacherous path from exploration to governance, conquest, and, ultimately, the fight for survival. The game delivers a captivating and challenging narrative experience, where nothing is self-evident, and every decision carries significant consequences.

The Pegasus Expedition builds upon the foundations of the grand strategy genre, combining a deep narrative focus with the classic 4X gameplay elements. Manage diplomatic ties, military forces, economic resources, and scientific progress as you chart your course through a vast and intricately crafted universe. After an Early access period, the game is now available on Steam.

Deep Blue Fantasy

Deep Blue Fantasy PC Game

Welcome to the enchanting depths of Deep Blue Fantasy, a roguelike adventure game set in a mesmerizing underwater world. Players will navigate through procedurally generated underwater mazes, braving treacherous waters to complete commissions, unearth hidden treasures, engage in trade, and confront formidable sea monsters. The ultimate goal is to repay the loan from the Jonathan Foundation and achieve true freedom.

Deep Blue Fantasy offers a unique gameplay experience, where different weapons require specific ability dice to activate, and assembling a skilled crew becomes vital for unleashing powerful combat abilities and overcoming enemies. Balancing resources and manpower is crucial, as overloading the submarine affects its speed, while scarcity may lead to unexpected challenges. Success or failure hinges on calculated choices and careful consideration of advantages and disadvantages. On Steam.

The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales

The Bookwalker Thief of Tales

In The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales, players assume the role of Etienne Quist, a once-acclaimed writer stripped of his ability to write after a dark crime. To regain his lost status, Etienne accepts a cunning offer from a criminal boss: steal legendary artifacts hidden within the pages of books.

Players explore book worlds with their unique rules and challenges, encountering inhabitants who may aid or hinder their quest. Alongside a sentient caged page, players must solve unconventional puzzles that bridge fiction and reality, gathering valuable items and utilizing the mystical power of ink to manipulate objects. An intriguing mix of point-and-click adventure and turn-based combats here and there. Check it out on Steam.



After an early-access period, the rogue-lite mech builder Vactics is finally available in its 1.0 form. In Solitude City, players must build a mech to combat the robotic Vactic uprising and liberate the city.

The game combines turn-based strategy with random challenges as the city’s districts and streets constantly change. As a Mech Builder, players can construct their own mech using various tech types and modifications. Strategic gameplay is key, with players anticipating the Vactics’ movements and attacks to maximize damage.

The city’s fate relies on the player’s ability to save it, with the opportunity to rescue Lost Pilots and join forces with others. Overcoming challenges, completing achievements, and delving into the city’s lore through the Codex add depth to the gameplay. Available on Steam.


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