16-bit classic RPGs-inspired Manafinder has a release date

Written by Marcello TBL

Manafinder JRPG

I’ve been following Manafinder developed by indie dev Wolfsden for a long time now, and finally, there is an official release date. Manafinder is a turn-based JRPG that takes inspiration from 16-bit classic RPGs but without taking too much from a specific game. Players will guide Lambda, a member of a clan of exiles who must find mana stones to keep his village safe.

The combat screen recalls Phantasy Star and offers turn-based mechanics with weapon choices and affinity as its main pillars, while the world of Aevi is presented in a lovely pixel art graphic. Manafinder is a PC game due on the 5th of October 2022 through Steam.

Below you can find screens, trailers and info from the Steam page of the game.

Manafinder is a Japanese-style RPG with original pixel art and turn-based combat with an emphasis on weapon selection and elemental affinities. Immerse yourself in this tale of drama and intrigue, hope and suffering, fantasy and morality. Explore the beautiful and fantastical world of Aevi, and fight your way against ferocious beasts and other threats in the quest for manastones as you define the fate of the exiled!

Key features

8~12 hours of playtime!

Explore the fantastical environments of Aevi, with over 23 different biomes!

Fight over 120 different beasts, each with a unique design and combat strategy!

Use different weapons and elemental ores during combat to exploit enemy weaknesses!

Collect items and weapons, find manastones, harvest healing plants, and mine elemental ores to aid you in your quest!

Meet exiles, manafinders, nomads, the Gods, and other mysterious characters!

Choices made throughout the game will not only define the fate of the exiled but also result in one of the two completely different final chapters!

Take a break, and take on side quests with varied activities (including minigames!) that dive deeper into the lives of the exiled.


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