Vagrus – The Riven Realms Teaser Trailer

Vagrus - The Riven Realms. A teaser trailer for a new promising turn-based strategy RPG developed by Lost Pilgrims. Embark on a perilous journey across...

We are the Plague – Overview

A hand-drawn tactical turn-based game where we are guided by the Plague as he seeks revenge around a dark-fantasy world.

Hazardous Space finally released

As we mentioned before, the indie game from Coffee Cat Games is a interesting 2d dungeon crawler / rogue-like with turn-based combat...

Xcom 2 new dlc rumor

An exciting rumor about a mysterious XCOM 2 DLC probably under developing is coming out in these days. These rumors are due to the fact...

The Spirit Shooter: The Soulslinger’s Class in Othercide

Learn more about the Ranged class of the upcoming horror turn-based tactical game.

4 games like Final Fantasy Tactics * Updated

Updated on 18 August 2019 For all lovers of tactical turn-based RPG and in particular for those who have never forgotten Final Fantasy Tactics, I...

Stoneshard – Future Plans

It seems that we will need a little more patience in order to get our hands on...

Encased Old-School Rpg – Announcement

ENCASED, a new isometric turn-based RPG developed by DARK CRYSTAL STUDIO. An indie studio from RUSSIA with members who have worked on projects as...

Regalia coming to consoles in early 2018! – Klabater

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark first Impressions

I tried out the early access version of Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark, the turn-based tactical RPG that pays tribute to the legendary Final Fantasy...

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Age of Grit Let’s Play by Sampstra Games

Explore a Wild West inspired world in a steampunk airship! A turn-based, tactical CRPG with a focus on characters and story.
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To Battle! Hell’s Crusade Let’s Play by Sampstra Games

Classic, old-school, turn-based battle in a satirical medieval world. Raise a Holy Army and stop the march of Evil.
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Best of the week 16-22 September

Hi everyone, given the many works and family commitments of recent times, I have very little time to dedicate to video games...
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Rebel Cops – Review

Tactical turn-based RPGs are very fashionable today. More than that, they are definitely a genre quickly on the rise, both in demand...

Herogrinder: Tactical Combat Arenas went live with Steam page, website, mini-app, and contest.

Herogrinder: Tactical Combat Arenas is a free-2-play turn-based tactical PvP and co-op combat game under development by Modern Ltd. indie studio. The...