Engineer your way through dungeons in Traditional Roguelike Full Gear

Written by Marcello TBL


So, Devi, you’re an engineer, right? You can make drones, right? Well, I have news for you. This entire dungeon is filled with machines, mechanicals, and human amalgamations. You can explore it! It’s been running without electricity for quite a while – hopefully, they have an infinite energy source or something.

In this traditional, yet modernly-made roguelike, you will use your Cogwheel, rotating every turn, to activate Tokens (like regeneration, guaranteed Crits, or attacking with fire)! Make your own Drones that can fire using their very own Tokens! Use over 200 items, including guns, bells, gadgets, food, and necklaces. And you can even… well, that’s for later.

But every time you die… well, there’s no going back. You can unlock new items and challenges if you want, though. Get some achievements, learn some new things, and one day, you’ll see what lies behind those Powerfields.

So build some drones and wreck some others. Oh, and don’t worry about those humans down here. They have stories to tell? Are they of use? Hm, maybe don’t waste your time too much. Who knows what happened in the past 20 years…

A free demo of Full Gear is available, with full functionality! Great if you’re unsure or if this game is something for you.

About Full Gear Developer

He has been creating Minecraft maps since 2017, and finally decided to move over to the big games. With fully self-owned assets and design, Full Gear is a way to show the world what he can offer, and maybe he’ll make some more games after this, too. Who knows!

Below is a Full Gear overview via Steam, screens, and trailer below.

Welcome to Full Gear! This steampunk-style traditional roguelike is all about information: learn new things, die from an unknown attack, repeat. Use goggles, guns and gadgets to get a gain on the gears, and find… whatever you’re looking for down there. You keep forgetting your goal, don’t you Devi? Eyes on the prize!
With more than 200 unique items to equip, throw, shoot, learn and lose, there’s plenty of possibilities to crash your wrench into the drones patrolling the area. And sometimes your own drones as well. Featuring:

  • 8 sprawling areas, all in one giant room, to traverse
  • 48 unique enemies, completely animated in cute pixel art style
  • 6 NPC’s with their own hopes, dreams, aspirations, and make-shift shops
  • 9 Boosts and 9 Challenges to make the game harder – or easier – at will
  • 6 main bosses and 1 final boss
  • 28 Steam achievements!

Make Your Own Death Machines

Ah, but using a weapon is never quite enough, is it? You need additional firepower! Gather Parts and combine them in any way you like using local Drone Stations, then let the crafted Drones roam near you, distracting and eliminating any threat. You can make a killer robot with three flamethrowers moving at lightning speed – or a cute companion with a taser called Randy. Nobody’s safe from Randy.

A Turn Of Events

That cogwheel of yours isn’t just for decoration, it’s your essence. Whenever a Token reaches the top, it’ll activate whatever it does – heal you, shield you, give a Crit, give Scrap, or allow a Drone to fire. Re-arrange these Wheel Tokens to whatever you see fit, and before you can say “hey watch this” you deal 40 damage in one attack.
Not enough slots for your tokens to fit? No big deal! Swap cogwheels to get more slots, stacked slots, special tokens or more regeneration to increase your active capacity. But beware – larger cogwheels may have more slots, but consequently, each slot activate less often.

Block And Unlock

Many items are locked at first, but in-game Goals can be tracked to unlock them. How do you get 5 Curse? Deal 30 damage? Use a Reclaimer? The items you gain from completing goals interact with those mechanics heavily! Additionally, you can simply choose Traditional Mode, where all items are unlocked from the start and Goals are purely cosmetic. Excellent for those living the rogue-life.

Remembered History

You aren’t alone. Maybe that’s for the best.

There’s people down here. Actual people, Devi. Maybe they have some information. You’ll need every bit of it.
They have stories to tell? About mechanics? Good. About the lore? Hm, is that interesting?
Are they of use? They clearly have things they can give you. Maybe it’s worth your time after all.

Getting them out of this place?
What, are you insane?

See you around.


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