On the Radar – October 2019

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Upcoming turn-based games

Upcoming PC Turn-based Strategy Rpg of October 2019

Hi all and welcome back to our column.
This month we will have two great and important releases, but also many “minor” games equally interesting.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve still so many games to play, released during the summer, and so little spare time…
How I’m going to survive!

WARSAW – 2nd October

Many people consider this game like an illegitimate son of Darkest Dungeon set in an occupied Warsaw of 1944.

From what I’ve seen – until now – even if undoubtedly there are some similarities between the two games (the graphic style, above all), Warsaw seems to have its own identity, with a particular attention to the survival aspect of the gameplay and a compelling storyline.

Just few days before the release and we will see…
You can buy it on the Steam store.

JOHN WICK HEX – 8th October

Everybody knows who is John Wick, a lethal killer in search for revenge, but maybe not everybody knows that Bithell Games is developing a game on this character, “John Wick Hex” precisely, wich is a prequel to the movies.

The weirdest thing about the game is that it isn’t an action but a strategy game!
To be honest I don’t if I can talk about John Wick Hex on this column, because I’m not sure we can consider it – properly – a turn-based game.
The main character has to move on hex-based grid (and this is something familiar for us!), using various moves and actions, but, unlike the traditional turn-based games, where you and your enemies move one after another, in John Wick Hex evething is still but only as long as you don’t make a move. From that moment everyone moves at the same time!
It’s hard to explain but if you have ever played to Super Hot, you know what I mean.

I don’t know about you but I’m really intrigued…

This is an exclusive of Epic Games Store.

DISCO ELYSIUM – 15th October

I’ve been waiting this game for so long.
For sure this is one of the most ambitious RPG of 2019. One of those rare games that can really change the way a CRPG is intended to be played.

Previously known as “No truce with the furies”, the developers descibe it as a “groundbreaking open-world detective RPG”, where you can do whatever you want, but keep in minds that here words have meaning and actions matter!

You can find it on Steam and on GOG.

SIX AGES – October 17

Lead your clan into legend or obscurity.

Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is a storybook strategy game, immersing you in a land of old gods and magic and is the spiritual successor to the acclaimed King of Dragon Pass, taking place thousands of years earlier in the same shared world of Glorantha. Part role-playing, part resource management, you’ll always be making decisions with long-term consequences, for you and your clan.

You can buy it on GOG and Steam.

MAGNOLIA – 21st October (EA)

I don’t know very much about this game. From what I read in Magnolia, you’ll be rebuilding your capital and planning your tactical excursions into the wildland of the Old World.

It is described as 2D turn-based combat simulation in which you will have to guide your people, make important decisions and battle hordes of enemies.

On Steam on the 21st of October.

MISTOVER – October

Somehow you can imagine this game as a chibi-anime version of Darkest Dungeon with some strong rouguelike features.
Cute characters have to explore and fight against a tainted Mist.
The key features are:

  • Contains 40-hours of expeditions in 5 distinct regions.
  • Turn-based RPG with a twist… It can change based on your actions.
  • Maps are always changing… practice different strategies in order to survive.
  • Build an invincible Corps by combining and strategizing with 8 different Corps classes.
  • Learn new skills and upgrade equipment to enhance Corps Crew members.
  • The Mist influences EVERYTHING that happens in the game

Sometimes during October on Steam.


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