One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend Gets a New Game Mode

Written by Marcello TBL

One More Gate

Ankama, the developer and publisher of the successful transmedia license Wakfu (TV series, comic book, MMORPG), is happy to announce that the already thriving universe of One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend is being enriched with new content. After a successful early access launch on PC, via Steam and the ANKAMA Launcher, last October, the game now boasts a new Expedition mode and fully supports Spanish language from today.

One More Gate

After defeating the boss of level 2 in classic mode, players will unlock a new extreme gaming system called “Expedition mode”. In this mode, they will have to struggle for survival while progressing through 4 levels of a procedurally generated map and only armed with a deck of 7 cards randomly drawn from their collection. The increasing difficulty and enemies with ever-complicated mechanics will put the players’ cards to the test, which could even prove fatal. Kamas and experience will be gained during their journey. However, if they die, the cards and tokens collected will be lost and the expedition will have to start over from scratch.

Before embarking on this potentially deadly journey, cards must be purchased in classic mode to be used in expedition mode. If not, the card will still be offered but cannot be selected and added to the deck for this mode, risking the lives (virtual) of the players!

Two exclusive environments are also introduced by this update – the mountains and the crypts – adding new challenges to the adventure, especially with a diverse palette of colors.

Furthermore, the Spanish community has been heard: they can now discover the adventure of Oropo, the mysterious Eliotrope (portal creators), in their native language.

Key features of One More Gate:

  • Discover the “World of Twelve” universe through Oropo:
    Cross the portal and explore procedurally generated levels. Choose the wisest path, fight creatures and participate in events that will strengthen you… or not!
  • Gain power and master the powers of Wakfu:
    A natural energy of the World of Twelve, you will have to learn how to use the flow variation to your advantage if you want to win against the most formidable creatures!
  • Meet quirky characters and complete quests:
    A dojo master, a bodybuilding grandmother… the world of One More Gate is full of unique personalities who will offer you missions in exchange for fabulous loot.
  • Collect more and more cards and upgrade them to create destructive combos:
    Defeat monsters, open chests or spend your kamas with a merchant… so many ways to build up your deck with forty cards available in the game. Over a hundred will be available at the official release of the game!


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