Project Haven – 5 minutes gameplay at Gamescom 2020

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Project Haven

PROJECT HAVEN, an indie cyberpunk Tactical Turn-Based RPG inspired by the genre classics, will have a playable demo during gamescom 2020.

Foresight Games, an indie studio from Portugal, will be showcasing PROJECT HAVEN at this year’s gamescom via Indie Arena Booth. As part of the event, an Alpha Demo will also be available on Steam for all to play.

Project Haven is a challenging Tactical Turn-Based RPG with intricate mechanics, where the player commands the Steel Dragons, a mercenary outfit fighting for survival in the seething dystopian streets of Haven City.

The Alpha Demo features the first 3 campaign missions along with a glimpse of the co-op feature (that will be available for the campaign mode in the full release) with the skirmish mode where the players will be able to battle with up to three friends against AI or against each other.

Project Haven gamescom 2020 trailer

During gamescom, Foresight Games will be hosting several events, including a streamed playthrough with the developers as well as Let’s Play with Youtube and Twitch streamers. A community meeting is planned to take place on the first day of the event in the game’s official Discord server.

You can visit the Indie Arena Booth Online and the Foresight Games booth from August 27th 10pm CEST until August 30th 11:59pm CEST via the homepage of the site:

For more information on the game, please visit the official website and follow the dev team on Twitter and Discord.


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