Revival: Recolonization – New Trailer & Demo

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HeroCraft PC is pleased to present the new trailer for Revival: Recolonization, a post-apocalyptic 4X strategy video game. In Revival: Recolonization, the world and its rules can change at key moments, creating a deep and highly replayable experience.

The trailer premiered at DreamHack Beyond, an ESL Gaming show. Additionally, the game has a free demo that is available on Steam until July 31.

Revival: Recolonization is developed and published by HeroCraft PC, a Russian-based video game company. The Revival series made its debut on PC; the first two titles in the series were released on feature phones. Revival: Recolonization is set to release later this year on Steam.

About Herocraft PC

HeroCraft PC is a subdivision of HeroCraft—an established developer and publisher of high-quality games, such as King of Dragon Pass, Tempest, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf. The company’s portfolio comprises over 10 games with a focus on role-playing, action and strategy titles. HeroCraft PC is launching several games this year including Gravewood High (Steam, EGS), Anvil Saga (Steam), Revival: Recolonization (Steam), Catizens (Steam) and Organs Please (Steam).


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