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Cross Blitz

I talked about it in far 2021 inside my KAEOI, but now, publisher The Arcade Crew, and developer Tako Boy Studios, have officially announced their upcoming game, Cross Blitz. This RPG deck-builder features strategic turn-based combat and is set to be released on PC later this year. The game revolves around a variety of unique heroes, each with their own distinct playstyle and abilities, who engage in fast-paced card matches.

Cross Blitz Pc Game

Cross Blitz includes an expansive single-player campaign where players can explore Crossdawn Isle, a land filled with memorable characters and secrets. As players progress through each hero’s adventure, they unlock new abilities and gain access to new regions by winning strategic battles. They also have the opportunity to craft and earn a variety of cards that can alter their strategy, allowing them to perfect their decks to suit their preferred fighting styles. The campaign offers more than 30 hours of gameplay, featuring a range of engaging characters set in a vibrant, colorful pixel art world.

In addition to the campaign, Cross Blitz also includes a separate mode called Tusk Tales. This roguelite-style challenge takes place on an ever-changing island map, providing a highly replayable experience. In this mode, players can choose from a selection of unique mercenaries, build their arsenal, and face an increasingly difficult array of opponents. They can also discover unique landmarks that present choices which can lead to either success or failure.

Cross Blitz PC Game

Cross Blitz offers a deep deckbuilding strategy with over 200 cards, a thrilling adventure that spans more than 30 hours of questing, and an endlessly replayable challenge in the form of Tusk Tales. The game also features a world brimming with colorful characters, peculiar locales, and delightful secrets. Following its debut in Early Access, Tako Boy Studios plans to continue evolving the game through future updates.

It is scheduled for release on PC later this year. Below is an overview via Steam and Trailer.

Cross Blitz is a unique deckbuilder where heartfelt adventure meets fierce, strategic battles. Whether you explore its rich story or its challenging roguelite mode, Cross Blitz will test your tactical mind as you venture forth and build the perfect decks – utilizing clever card combos and synergies as you fight against the many colorful foes scattered throughout Crossdawn Isle.

Join the fearless pirate Redcroft as he strikes a deal to win back his stolen freedom from the merciless Princess Eingana; or help the pop-star Violet in her search for a mystical artifact to stop the evil escapades of a mysterious doppelgänger hijacking her stardom!

Throughout each hero’s adventure, you’ll explore a variety of unique locations while unlocking a wealth of new cards, abilities and relics. Use your treasure trove of strategic options to perfect the ultimate deck that best suits your preferred playstyle.

Engage in captivating battles that require strategy and cunning – with more than 200 cards to experiment with – as you build powerful decks to stomp your foes into dust! Easy to pick but chock-full of challenge, you’ll have to harness the strength of your minions alongside a plethora of spells, traps, and match-finishing Blitz Bursts if you’re to claim victory!

Every encounter is a new challenge to overcome, so be prepared to be put to the test. But don’t fret – you’ll grow stronger as you level up with each conquered opponent!

Craft new cards with the help of Mawlder the Melder, the grizzled cardsmith. By earning ingredients and recipes from battles, you’ll be able to craft even more powerful cards to add to your collection!

In Tusk Tales, you’ll use the island map to explore the expansive world of Cross Blitz, visiting its many peculiar regions. But nothing is set in stone on this perilous adventure, as every run is different: your path will never be the same and adaptation is key to survival. Think before you act, as each choice you make will impact your journey.

Select from a multitude of mercenaries, each with their own playstyle and starting deck of companions, as you battle your way through increasingly difficult opponents. Purchase and equip powerful trinkets that instantly boost the strength of your chosen cards. Additionally, unique landmarks can be found throughout each region of the map, offering a variety of choices that provide new and exciting ways to adjust your strategic approach, run after run.

● Collect over 200 cards and build the most powerful decks you can imagine! Gather ingredients from winning battles to craft even more powerful cards!

● Enjoy 30+ hours of thrilling adventure across different storylines as our heroes face a variety of trials and tribulations. Whether it’s battling a bomb-obsessed canine pirate captain or facing off against a star-crazed circus ringleader, there’s always a new surprise around the corner!

● Discover the “Tusk Tales” roguelite mode and its endless replayability. Unlock and upgrade new mercenaries, relics, trinkets and more as you battle against increasingly difficult opponents and explore the many ever-changing regions of Crossdawn Isle.

● Explore an expansive world filled with colorful characters and curious locations, with plenty of secrets to be found along the way – all beautifully rendered in hand-crafted pixel art.

Cross Blitz is the creative result of our studio’s passion for both strategic card games and quirky, character-driven RPGs. Development began in 2019, and has been steadily chugging along ever since.

Community engagement is extremely important to us and our design process. Our goal is to make the best game we can by communicating directly with the community, and listening wholeheartedly to player feedback. Join us on this early access adventure and help us make Cross Blitz into something truly special! Thank you for your support!


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