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Tactics Survival RPG Undeadly ready to arrive on PC in Early Access

Written by Marcello TBL

Undeadly Pc Game

Get ready to lead a group of survivors through a twisted, undead world in turn-based strategy survival RPG Undeadly. Use your survivor’s unique abilities, scavenge for supplies, and arm yourself for battle against the undead that stalks the night.

But be warned, time marches on and every day brings new challenges. Come nightfall, the undead seek the living, and you’ll need to use all your wits and skills to stay alive. And the world around you is a warped reality, full of unexplained phenomena that can be both dangerous and helpful.


Craft custom ammunition and choose different triggers on grenades and mines, find combinations that suit your play style, and mix and match survivor abilities to create unique and powerful survivors.

Undeadly arrives in early access on PC via Steam on April 6th, and a demo is already available. With an open-ended freeplay survival mode, the game allows you to experiment with different strategies and approaches to make the most of your experience. And for those who want even more customization, gameplay settings can be tuned to create the desired experience.

Fight, run, survive, and test your limits against the relentless undead. Can you make it through this UNDEADLY world?

Below an overview of the game Via Steam, the planned Roadmap, and Trailer


  • TURN-BASED SURVIVALDirect a group of survivors in a turn-based strategy survival game. Use survivor abilities, scavenge for supplies and let loose with the arsenal at your disposal.
  • BEWARE THE NIGHTEvery turn time marches on. Spend daylight wisely gathering resources and making preparations. Come nightfall, undead seek the living.
  • A WARPED REALITYFace unknown phenomena. Dangerous rifts to another world are strewn across the land, wreaking havoc on the careless, while providing an opportunity for the careful.
  • MAKE IT YOUR OWNCraft custom ammunition by combining modular payloads and augments. Choose different triggers on grenades, mines – even bear traps. Find combinations that suit your play style.

  • MIX & MATCH ABILITIESUse ability tokens to choose survivor abilities. Want a scavenger-doctor hybrid? Try it out. Want every survivor to be a jack of all trades – master of none? You can try that too. Experiment and have fun with different survivor builds.
  • PLAY, REPLAY & FREEPLAYUndeadly is a systems-driven game. Trial different strategies and approaches to make the most of the experience. The current gameplay mode is an open ended freeplay survival mode.
  • CUSTOMISE YOUR GAMETune gameplay settings to craft the experience you desire. While there is no mod support, configuration files are text-editable, so there is customisation opportunity for those who want to roll up their sleeves.
  • FIGHT. RUN. SURVIVE.The undead are relentless in their pursuit. Distant hordes approach. Bizarre storms brew on the horizon. Can you survive, UNDEADLY?


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