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Time-Travel RPG Reverse: 1999 Soon on PC and Mobile

Written by Marcello TBL

Reverse: 1999

Bluepoch Games, a Chinese developer and publisher, have confirmed that Reverse: 1999 is set to break barriers, journey across continents, and debut on Western shores on both PC and mobile platforms before the end of this year.

Players are about to step into the boots of Vertin, the Timekeeper of the St Pavlov Foundation, in this gripping RPG. Their mission, if they choose to accept it, will be to navigate the streams of time, confront the pivotal moments where the formidable “Storm” emerges. Who will they face? Those who dare to exploit the Storm’s power to alter the very fabric of history.

Reverse: 1999 Gameplay

The humble suitcase holds a surprise – an entire pocket dimension serving as the base of operations. From this unique hub, players will summon an eclectic group of allies from across eras to aid them on their mission. They’ll find camaraderie among druids, occultist socialites, pirate radio DJs, and even a talkative apple familiar! Odd they may be, but their powers will be indispensable when faced with threats ranging from the mundane to the mystical.

Prepare to engage in stylish, turn-based RPG combat. Players will draw from a deck of party powers, matching cards to amplify abilities. With tactical acumen, they can earn Moxie and unleash show-stopping Ultimate attacks.

As Vertin, players will traverse decades of the 20th century, from the liquor-prohibited streets of 1920s America to the groovy vibes of 1960s Great Britain. Immersion is promised in a rich narrative teeming with a diverse, fully English-voiced cast, exuding global accents and dialects.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the dreamlike world of Reverse: 1999, rendered in delicate hand-drawn illustrations. Along their journey, players will encounter the inscrutable Manus Vindictae—a troupe of rival Arcanists with their own twisted agenda. Here the official website and below the reveal Trailer.


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