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Under development indie turn-based strategy/RPGs – Part 1

Twitter is a fantastic place for everything related to the world of video games and in particular, all indie projects manage to have the visibility they deserve. Fans and developers manage to meet and discuss all stages of development and fans manage to leave their opinions and advice from the very beginning.

In this article, infact, I want to show you some of the projects that emerged from the post you find below for which I thank @dusktactics and @terrarandoma for the fantastic idea.

Many of these projects are in an initial phase for which there is no material and website, so you will find the link to their twitter pages. Before start, I invite you to join me on twitter and meet all these talented devs and talk with them.

Let’s start with part 1: (more will come next week)

Dusk Tactics

Dusk Tactics

Featured also on my list of games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Dusk Tactics is a classic turn-based tactics game, also known as an SRPG with a demo coming out soon.

Terra Randoma

Terra Randoma

Turn-based tactical roguelike RPG in a procedurally generated open world. Learn more

Dungeons of Anoma

Dungeons of Anoma, a traditional roguelike with 3D graphics and a super-intuitive user interface. It’ll be hitting early access soon! – Learn more


Cantata Turn-based

Cantata is a character-driven tactical strategy game set in a spiritual sci-fi universe. Learn more

Vangaro Tactics

Vangaro Tactics

A Turn-Based Strategy game that also has Stealth missions. Infiltrate enemy territory by night on Stealth Missions, where you will have to advance cautiously, not to alert too many enemy outposts. Learn more


A little studio from Barcelona currently working on RoD a turn-based strategy game with lots of pixel art. Learn more

Dungeons of Everchange

Dungeons of Everchange

Turn-based fantasy roguelike game with a bit different combat experience. Permadeath included. Evolve as you delve deeper and deeper. Adapt and overcome. Learn more

Toci’s Chosen

Toci's Chosen

Toci’s Chosen is a turn-based tactics RPG set in a fantasy world. Lead a clan of Orcish warriors in their fight to retain their heritage and their honour. Learn more



Evertried is a Turn-based Rogue-like with an action twist, where you try to ascend a tower filled with different enemies and traps on each floor. Enemies move after your character moves, so the pacing of the game is dictated by the player. Learn more

Battle Voxel Tactics

Voxel Based Tactics

Going for a Final Fantasy Tactics feel and setting with Monster Hunter style hub area where you can craft gear and (hopefully) a fishing minigame. Learn more



Zemeroth is an open-source RustLang minimalistic turn-based tactical game, that focuses on movement, reaction attacks, and randomness. Learn more



Soulash, a fantasy roguelike where the player takes on the role of a forgotten god set on destroying the world. Learn more

The Spider Cometh

The Spider Cometh

The Spider Cometh is a spacecraft survival strategy that combines real-time and tactical gameplay. Learn more

Here’s the first part of the games that come out from this amazing Twitter thread. What do you think about it? Remember to stay tuned for the upcoming games of the next week.

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  1. Hi Turn Based Lovers! Nice list! I just wanted to also let you know about my upcoming turn based tactics game, Gem Wizards Tactics. It should be coming in summer 2020, but there will be alpha versions coming out pretty soon. Here’s the link if you wanna learn more about it! http://keithburgun.net/gem-wizards-tactics/


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