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Until The Last Plane – Gameplay First Look

Written by Marcello TBL

Until The Last Plane

Let’s take a look at Until The Last Plane by the Italian Indie Dev CarloC. A Surprisingly good WWII airfield simulator. We will manage our airfield in real-time and complete various missions with turn-based mechanics. Let me know what you think about Until The Last Plane in the comments below.

About Until The Last Plane

This is the story of people who fought in the World War II: brave pilots who soared through the vast skies, and the smart engineers who helped them by managing their planes. In Until the Last Plane, you’ve been assigned to the management of a WWII airfield. Spend your military goods wisely, recruit pilots, and create the right parts for your planes. When you’re ready, send a squadron out to accomplish your next mission!


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