Reptilian Rising by Gregarious Games & Robot Circus is a unique digital tabletop experience where players must guide a cast of superheroes coming from different eras against the Reptilian menace. Characters like Einstein, Cleopatra and Caesar will find themself working together to stop the enemies by completing tasks on 80s-style tabletop square-grid maps.

Reptilian Rising is an RPG with a single-player campaign and will feature also a PVP online mode. Actually in development and expected to be released on Steam during Spring 2022. In the meanwhile you can enjoy the demo available and if you don’t time you can watch our gameplay first-look below.

About Reptilian Rising

When genocidal Reptilians invade from out of time, only the greatest heroes in history can stop them! Assemble a team of humanity’s best from Cleopatra to Einstein and stop the Reptilian Rising in this totally tubular turn-based strategy, time-traveling battle for humanity’s survival (no pressure).