Sentinels of Freedom – First 30 minutes Gameplay

Written by Marcello TBL


The world of superheroes fascinates me; therefore, to find a game that combines turn-based combat and men and women with tight suits and cloaks, well, it attracts me like the honey for Winnie The Pooh. So I contacted the developers who immediately replied and granted me a key, with that I was able to try the first minutes of the game so that I can give you an idea of the goodness of this project.

Sentinels of Freedom is a Story-driven Turn-based Tactical game where we guide superheroes to protect the city from Villains. Every hero has his set of abilities that can use to exploit enemies’ weaknesses, from melee to ranged ones. One of the most exciting aspects is the hero customization, that is very detailed. Anyway, I leave you to my first-30 minute gameplay.

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