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Urban Strife – Gameplay Sneak Peek

Urban Strife

I show you the first minutes of Urban Strife by White Pond Games. A turn-Based Post-Apocalyptic RPG with lots of Jagged Alliance 2 vibes. Let’s see together the character creation, the exploration phase, and the battle mechanics.

About Urban Strife

Old school turn-based strategy, post-apoc survival, and a thrilling RPG storyline. Year is 2006, world is in ruins and you wake up almost dead in the small town of Urban, USA. Recruit a militia, rebuild the shelter, ally or fight ruthless gangs and try to make it alive when the zombie horde returns.

Steam page https://store.steampowered.com/app/710230/Urban_Strife/

β€” Interview with the developers https://turnbasedlovers.com/10-turns-interview/urban-strife-interview/

β€” Hands-on https://turnbasedlovers.com/overview/urban-strife-hands-on/

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