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Wasteland 3 – Cult of the Holy Detonation DLC

Written by Marcello TBL


With Gamescom and the one year anniversary of Wasteland 3 just around the corner, inXile Entertainment and Prime Matter are proud to announce not only the second and final DLC expansion for Wasteland 3 “Cult of the Holy Detonation”, but also the release of the ” Colorado Collection “, both of which will be released on October 5, 2021

About Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation

A nuclear detonation stuck in time, a holy war between mutant cults and the Desert Rangers in the thick of it.

Deep inside the Cheyenne Mountain military complex, mutant cults worship an ancient deity they call the sacred detonation – a nuclear explosion that is held to a halt. Whether a god, a science experiment, or an unintentional miracle, the energy of detonation could power Colorado Springs for hundreds of years or razor it to the ground in an instant. The belligerent cults have different opinions about who should be allowed to honor their god and you will have to fight your way to the altar. It’s one last mission for the Colorado Rangers, and the result is sure to be explosive – whatever the outcome.

A teaser trailer giving players a first look at the new DLC was revealed during Microsoft’s Gamescom 2021 Xbox Stream.

Cult of the Holy Detonation expands the Wasteland 3 experience with access to the Cheyenne Mountain complex, packed with new characters, enemies, challenging combat encounters, and powerful new weapons and armor. The goal-based encounters, which add a creative touch to the already highly tactical turn-based combat, will put your squad of rangers to the test like never before. The rangers are faced with an almost impossible task and have to shut down reactors, clean ventilation systems and initiate defensive countermeasures in order to face an endless flood of dangerous mutants and machines inside the dilapidated military bunker.

Cult of the Holy Detonation is the second and final expansion for Wasteland 3 and will be available for $ 6.99 on Steam, GOG, Xbox and PlayStation or as part of the Wasteland 3 Colorado Collection for $ 59.99. This includes Wasteland 3, The Battle of Steeltown, Cult of the Holy Detonation and Colorado Survival Gear. Xbox Game Pass members wishing to purchase Cult of the Holy Detonation save 10%.

About Wasteland 3: Colorado Collection

The whole “Wasteland 3” experience in one colossal collection. In addition to the award-winning tactical role-playing game Wasteland 3, the Colorado Collection includes the two expansions “The Battle of Steeltown” and “Cult of the Holy Detonation” as well as the bonus items of the Colorado Survival Gear.


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