Wandering Sword is a Martial-Arts RPG that features stunning pixel art to depict an expansive open world, including ancient Chinese towns, picturesque landscapes, perilous lairs, and challenging terrains. Players will have the opportunity to learn and master hundreds of martial arts forms and weapons, as well as cultivate their energy through meridian points to become a true martial arts expert.

The combat system in Wandering Sword offers a unique experience, as players can switch between turn-based and real-time modes during battles. This feature appeals to both RPG enthusiasts who prefer a slower pace and those who enjoy fast-paced action. Wandering Sword also allows players to interact with NPCs and build relationships with them, including the possibility of recruiting them for their adventures and learning their martial arts and weapons.

The game offers high replayability, as choices made by players can lead to different endings. In addition, there are numerous side quests available, offering hours of additional gameplay. We tried the Demo available for the February Steam Next Fest 2023 and below you can watch the first look video. While here are some screens and overview of the game.


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