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Board Game City-Builder Strategy Dawnmaker Ready To Debut On PC – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Dawnmaker Strategy Game

The game I’m about to introduce is a unique blend of City-Builder, Deckbuilding, and Board Game genres. It’s called Dawnmaker, and it’s a labor of love from two friends, Adrian and Alexis, who make up the Arpentor Studio. They are just about ready to debut on PC.

Dawnmaker Strategy PC Game

Set in the toxic, Smog-covered world of Heksiga, the game involves rekindling ancient lighthouses to restore light and life. Players construct buildings, optimize a deck of increasingly powerful cards, and manage resources to generate Eclairium, a rare resource.

Players must worry about positioning buildings strategically to make efficient use of limited space and repel the Smog, gradually reclaiming the land. With elements of exploration, players also recover lost technologies to enhance their cities. Dawnmaker is set to release on July 31, 2024, on PC via Steam and, with a free demo available. Below is an overview alongside screens and the release date trailer.


Dawnmaker is a solo strategy game combining elements of city building and deck building to create a board game-like experience. In a world covered by a toxic Smog, only you can rekindle the ancient lighthouses and bring light and life back. Construct buildings, gain new cards, generate resources and improve your central lighthouse to unlock new building space.

  • Optimize your deck — Gain increasingly powerful cards as you improve your city. Your cards and buildings interact in various ways: choose them wisely to create the most powerful combinations!
  • Build efficient cities — Make the best of your limited space by optimally positioning your buildings. Improve your lighthouse to repel the Smog and expand your city.
  • Manage your resources — Grow farms, build industries, develop science and inspire your people to create the rarest of resources: Eclairium!
  • Reclaim the lost continent — The continent of Heksiga has been covered by a toxic Smog. Repair and improve magical lighthouses to repel that Smog and reclaim the land, region by region.
  • Recover lost technologies — Explore vestiges of the old Empire and rediscover technologies that were lost to the Smog.

Hi, we’re Adrian and Alexis! We founded Arpentor Studio, a cooperative company, to create deep strategy games. Dawnmaker is our first commercial game. If you want to get involved, give us feedback on the game or help our small studio spread the word about Dawnmaker, please join our discord!


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