CESSPOOL – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL


Inspired by JRPGs such as Pokémon or Earthbound, CESSPOOL is an accessible, minimalist experience offering you a chill and accessible experience, whether you are a fan of JRPGs or not!


Lore & Setting

From the outset, a young wanderer walks a ruined land alongside her best friend, a little monkey. Arriving near the CESSPOOL, a LEGENDARY place rumored to be a shelter for HUMANS, she lost sight of her friend…


You operate in a semi-open world, where all places are directly connected by roads, and are all full of secrets, like Pokémon. No empty world map here!
MONSTERS are visible in the overworld, so it is possible to dodge them; no endless random combat!
During BRAWLS, you see how each MONSTER is preparing for ACTION. It’s up to you to counter them as effectively as possible!

Each character can wear up to 3 ACCESSORIES in addition to the classic WEAPONS, HATS, and ARMOR.
POTHOLDERS to resist fire or SUSPENDERS to attack twice, and more…


A great way to customize your playstyle!

By slaying MONSTERS in BRAWLS, COMRADES amass GREY MATTER which can be spent in the CORTEX to increase a CHARACTERISTIC (CONSTITUTION, DEXTERITY OR INTELLECT). It is also possible to learn or improve one of the three PSYCHIC TECHNIQUES of a COMRADE.

About the Developer

Nostalgic for the RPGs of his childhood and his adolescence, He set out to create one himself paying tribute to memories of that time!

Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tryton/cesspool

Itch.io page: https://tryton.itch.io/cesspool

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tryton_Cloaque


Release date

On Pc during Summer 2022 after the Kickstarter campaign.


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