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Dead Hand – Overview

Dead Hand is a hybrid between old school turn-based tactical games with action point management (like the Jagged Alliance series) and a traditional roguelike…

Dead Hand Pc Game

In-game Background Story

The story, in old school roguelike fashion, is deliberately kept vague and minimalistic, although you can pick a few bits and pieces of it as you play.

You play as an Autonomous Weapons Platform (a modular unmanned combat vehicle) that has been automatically deployed with the directive to activate a command console further deep inside an underground multi-level complex.

Dead Hand Gameplay

The game is a hybrid between old school turn-based tactical games with action point management (like the Jagged Alliance series) and a traditional roguelike (leaning towards quick and dirty runs a la DoomRL more than the epic several day-long adventures of ADOM).

Dead Hand Pc Turn-based

Its main focus is combat. Your vehicle parts and weapons can and will be swapped (the old Front Mission games are another influence) with the ones looted from the wreckage of neutralized enemies as you progress further down the caves.

One of it’s most innovative features is that the environment is fully deformable (so add a sprinkle of Worms/Liero) and the projectiles are simulated, they scatter and they hit enemies or terrain with triangle accurate collision (so there are no to-hit chances); making for an experience quite unlike other turn-based tactical games.

Key features

  • Tense and engaging tactical combat and exploration.
  • Modular combat vehicles, scavenge parts from neutralized enemies and upgrade your weapons platform.
  • Gear based progression. No XP and no levels, your weapons platform is literally the sum of its parts.
  • Old school turn-based Action Points management.
  • Freeform movement, no hexagonal or square tiles.
  • Fully destructible cavernous environment, dig foxholes to protect yourself from enemy fire or punch through your foes’ cover with explosives!
  • Procedural level generation for maximum replayability.
  • And of course, permadeath.
Dead Hand Pc

About developer

Sole developer at One Man Army Games, and a veteran game developer having worked for Jagex, Funcom and Ksatria Gameworks.

Dead Hand Release date & platforms

Dead Hand was released on 26 Jul 2019 for 64-bit Windows-based PCs. Learn more about turn-based games with our overviews.

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