Demon’s Mirror – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Demon's Mirror

Demon’s Mirror is a roguelike deckbuilder blended with a strategic puzzle battler. Use powerful cards and create massive chains to attack and defend against the enemy. Gain ever-increasing powers as you traverse through a world filled with your worst nightmares.

Demon's Mirror

Lore & Setting

You’ve stumbled into a world filled with your worst nightmares. You’ve been here before, possibly thousands of times, and the journey ahead of you is going to take everything you have.

Can you survive a trip through the mirror?


Demon’s Mirror blends elements from a deckbuilder with a strategic puzzle battler. Think Slay the Spire meets Grindstone.

Demon's Mirror Gameplay

About the Developer

Brad from Be-Rad Entertainment is an indie game developer who has released a few games including Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!, WarGames: WOPR, and Lame Castle.

Be-Rad Entertainment has been around since 2010, but he took a break from indie games in 2015. He quit his job and went indie again in 2020. He had been working on Demon’s Mirror for about a year and will release it sometime in 2022.

Some notable titles he worked on include a couple Tomb Raider games, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Facebook Horizon.

Release date & platforms

Demon’s Mirror is coming to PC during 2022.


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